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      Welcome to my website!  It's been prepped and polished for your enjoyment and edification. Since we went on-line in 2005, we've added (and continue to do so) lots of information to help you with your home management and family living.

       For example, you'll learn about new products such as my MP3 audio, Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference.  It's a live recording of my signature talk that offers practical and motivational tips for both a quick fix and lasting results to all homemakers seeking personal fulfillment as well as success and happiness in their homes.

      You can click on "Free Articles" for lots of supplementary material based on my book, The Ultimate Career, and other writings. Check out "Recipes" for some of our family favorites. I especially recommend the "Fabulous French Bread." In only ten minutes' working time and with just a large bowl, a spoon, and a baking sheet you can turn out two large loaves of bread.  It's such a "people pleaser" that we keep one loaf and often give the other one away.

Following my final Education Week talk on August 21, 2010, I announced my retirement from public speaking. I'd like to thank all of you who have been my loyal, supportive friends over the years. I'll still be here writing articles and sharing my thoughts on making your home a haven of security and happiness.

      If you're looking for ideas and inspiration, I hope this site will be one you'll visit time and again. And if you have questions, comments, or contributions, please send them in. In this way, this can be a site that will bless countless homes world-wide. Helping others along their way is a source of immense satisfaction. So, let's work together for happy homes everywhere.

~ Daryl Hoole


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Daryl Speaks at the Hinckley CenterDespite retiring from public speaking in August, 2009, I was invited to give a Distinguished Lecture for the BYU School of Family Life at the Hinckley Center on November 14, 2012. How could I turn that down? Read the Talk

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